Sketchbook #15: Hands and Feet

Thank you for letting me turn it in on Monday since I left my memory card at school!

Here it is....

Assignment #37: Silhouettes


Written Plan for Final

I am a leader
Who: One of the TigerBot co-captains (either Domi Sullivan or Emma Williams)
What: I want to bring attention to the hard work of the Robotic teams and to show that school is NOT just about sports and there are other clubs that should have as much attention as the athletic departments
When: During one of their Robotic's practices (Tuesday May 1st)
Where: The basement (that is where they have their meetings)

I am a scholar
Who: My friend Amy Gilbert
What: I want to show off the "bookworms"/study at school and I want to accomplish this because there are not a lot of "I Am's" with school and studying, so I want to show off the people who loves to read and are invested in academics
When: TBA (sometime at lunch)
Where: Library at NDB

Sketchbook #14: All Things Shiny

I did 2 photos...

"I AM" Practice


Assignment #35: Catch Lights